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Imagine this: you are having a nice relaxing summer afternoon in your house. Your kids (or grandkids as the case may be) are in the living room playing.
You notice they have disobeyed the house rule of keeping food out of the living room (again). You start to tell them to bring their popsicles back to the kitchen or take them outside. As they turn to run outside the littlest one trips over a toy. The popsicle flings from the tiny fingers, floating through the air as if in slow motion. You raise your hands to catch it but in vain. You are too far away. Time speeds back up just as the red juicy treat smashes onto your upholstered chair. Instant stain.

For many of us, this isn’t too far off from what happens nearly every day to our furniture. For others the abuse furniture takes is less dramatic. However, the abuse is real and it is happening all the time. Before you know it upholstered surfaces are stained, dirty, or just generally grungy looking. Here are a few tips on how to clean your upholstery and when to seek professional help (not the kind of professional help that your kids make you think you need, I’m talking ProForce Cleaning professional help)

  1. Vacuum dirty upholstery first thing. Don’t risk spreading other dirt and loose debris, vacuum it up first.
  2. Blot spills quickly. If the stain is fresh, blot the spill with a cloth quickly DO NOT RUB or SCRUB
  3. Pick the right kind of upholstery cleaner. The right kind depends on A) Type of fabric the upholstery is made of and B) the type of stain.
    • If your upholstery is antique, valuable, or cherished – call us. Upholstery can be temperamental and we have experienced pros who will take care of it.
    • If your upholstery has a tag look for the following codes:
    • W: Clean with water based cleaner
    • S: Water-free cleaner only – like a dry cleaning solvent
    • WS: (you guessed it) either water-based or dry cleaning solvent. THIS IS THE BEST kind of upholstery to buy if you plan on doing a lot of cleaning yourself
    • X: Must be cleaned by ProForce (ok ok any professional cleaner, but this is our blog on our site so…shameless plug)
    • No tag? You can test a cleaner on the upholstery in a hidden area. Or, call ProForce
  4. Know the kind of stain:
    • Most food and drink – use solution of water and dishwashing soap (see here for exceptions)
    • Berry and fruit – solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol
    • Grease and oil stains – absorb as much as possible then use cornstarch or baking soda. Let sit for 20 minutes and vacuum with an upholstery attachment.

REMEMBER: if in doubt, blot it out…and Contact ProForce