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Getting your carpets cleaned is a great way to renew the look and feel of your carpets. Though it may seem like you need to clean them every five years, to maintain that new look and feel of your carpets you may need to have them cleaned yearly.

Your carpet can hold all sorts of dirt, pollutants, and grime while still looking very clean. If these particles are not removed from the carpet after some time, they will begin to attract more dirt and begin to discolor the carpet. This can also cause odors in the carpet. Not only can the dirt discolor the carpet and cause odors, but it can also cause permanent damages to the carpet fibers. When walked on, the dirt can slowly scratch away at carpet eventually making it weaker and harder to clean. These damages cannot be fixed and, in the long run, maybe the cause of your carpet falling to pieces.

Having your carpets cleaned yearly is the rate of cleaning professionals would recommend. By cleaning, we do not mean vacuuming or sweeping, but deep professional steam cleaning. Though you should vacuum your carpets three to seven times each week, it is not enough to keep them completely clean. There will always be dirt or grime left over when you have your carpets dry vacuumed. In fact, only 83% of dirt in the carpet is removed when it is vacuumed correctly. The other 17% can easily be removed by being steam cleaned.